Banana Santol wine – Semi Sweet”750 ml”-(Regular)


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Product Description

Banana Santol wine/Semi-Sweet

Alden Therese Banana with Santol wine, banana with the impartation of Santol. This product had merged the fruits to have a unique output.

Banana & Santol may seem ordinary fruit BUT, has exceptionally nutritive values that boost our health and immune system, can even eliminate hangover treats the ulcer.

Making this kind of wine is a true passion of Mrs.Maria Theresa Bonot were she pushed and motivate her self to make this kind of wine that has it’s more Nutritional value and Health benefits that Mrs. Maria Theresa Bonot wants for making all of her wines.

Flavor: Semi-Sweet


  • Ripe banana & Santol
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Yeast
  • Potassium Metabisulfite

Alcohol Content: 8.25

What is Banana?

The banana plant is the largest herbaceous flowering plant. The main or upright stem is actually a pseudostem, growing from a corm to a height of 6 to 7.6 meters. Leaves are spirally arranged, as long as 2.7 meters and 60 centimeters wide, fragile and easily torn by the wind, with the familiar frond look. Each pseudostem produces a single bunch of bananas; the pseudostem dies after fruiting, as offshoots usually develop from the base of the plant. Each pseudostem produces a single inflorescence, the banana heart, containing many bracts between rows of flowers. The banana fruits develop from the heart, in a hanging cluster made up of tiers (hands), up to 20 fruit to a tier.

What is Santol?

Santol is a tree growing up to 20 meters high, with softly hairy young branches and leaves. Leaves are groups of 3 leaflets, elliptic to oblong-ovate, 10 to 25 centimeter long, with pointed tips and round bases. Flowers are numerous, somewhat fascicled, about 1 centimeter long, in greenish or yellowish clusters. Fruits are rounded and somewhat flattened, 4 to 6 centimeters, yellowish-orange when ripe with a thick pericarp. Seeds are large, surrounded by a translucent or pale, sweet tasting edible pulp.

Health Benefits:


  • Helps regulate body’s circulatory system
  • Good source of vitamins, minerals, and natural energy
  • Eliminates hangover
  • Treats ulcer
  • Has calming properties


  • Source of Vitamins B & C which are good for scurvy
  • Great antioxidant to help prevent cardiovascular diseases, strokes, diabetes, and cancer.
  • Great for allergies because it contains lots of Sandorinic Acid & Byonotic acid
  • Good for skin, immune, and oral health


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