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Alden Therese wines is located at 688 Zone 5, Sta. Cruz, Ragay, Calabanga, Camarines Sur. It was conceptualized based on the mandate of CHED to all State Universities and colleges (SUCs) because of its THRUSTS (Instruction, Research, Production, and Extension) to be undertaken by faculty in compliance with the mandate of institution. The Founder-researcher was a Food Tech major and an M.A.T as a MECS-MIST scholar graduate, equipped with the knowledge, skill, and work attitude towards Food teaching. Likewise, she graduated Doctor of Philosophy major in Human Resource Management. In her teaching career, many experiments in classroom-laboratory were conducted by her students with her close supervision on the repertoires of fruits and food preservation.

Ripe bananas, Baligang fruits, and Acacia trees were abundant in CBSUA-Calabanga Campus in the year 2011, Much of the time, said fruit-bearing trees got spoiled. As the dean of the college, she got the idea of utilizing them as materials for her research. The first fruit that was made into wine Saba (Musa sapientum var. compressa) having two variables: Peeled and Unpeeled, and the second fruit wine was Baligang/Lipote which underwent the process of fermentation, pasteurization, and aging. They were subjected for analysis by the Department of Science and Technology on July 26, 2013 and at the same time copyrighted at the National Library with corresponding Registered No. 02013-883 for Baligang/Lipote and Registration No. 02013-884for Saba/Cardava respectively.

A year after their making, those wines were introduced during the CBSUA Foundation Celebration in the year 2012, for free tasting and rating by he public. Samples were also displayed during the Alumni Night, and fortunately, a friend who came for visit liken the taste of the wines and decided to buy the entire bottled wines of Baligang and Banana remained during the celebration. In the same year, she repeated the successful projects and found them good source of income, thus allowed herself to venture on another wine made from Acacia or Rain Tree.

In 2014, after her retirement, she decided to pursue the production of Baligang, Banana and Acacia wines. These wines were racked and aged for five (5) long years and she considered them now as Vintage wines.

It was on December 2016 when she finally distributed the quality bottled wine products into the local markets. At present, she continues to level up the wines through innovations for wide public consumption.

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